Choose the Right Refrigerator

Fridges are permanent commitments and really should be chosen wisely. The scale, features, space all are critical factors to be considered and should not be regretted later. Use refrigerators without much research and then lament over their decision of not looking forward to a new model or not buying another brand or not researching enough about their current purchase. The first and foremost factor to be considered is your spending capacity over a refrigerator. Then comes your requirements followed by your look and energy saving capacity of the refrigerator. american kühlschrank

Freezers which range from Rs. 5, 000-10, 000 are mostly immediate cool refrigerators which are entry level offerings. These kinds of refrigerators do not have bifurcating doors for icing and cooling. These freezers have carrying capacity of around 180 liters, which is sufficient for a couple of men and women who do not hoard more food stuffs. The range from Rs. 10, 000-20, 500 feature the popular ice free refrigerators. They have storage capacity of around 280 liters. These have separating doors for holding and cooling. They are available in the normal top mount, that has the freezer option on top and the bottom mount, which includes the freezing option at the bottom. The cost varies considerably between choosing a top mount and a bottom mount as the latter is more expensive. The above mentioned Rs. 20, 000 range is the twin door or side-by-side combo that includes a freezer on one side and chilling in other. Videocon’s variety of refrigerators offers options to accommodate all pockets and needs.

How big is the refrigerator is an important factor as a fairly large refrigerator will not suit a tiny kitchen. The refrigerator should fit into the room in the kitchen and should look not be a trouble. The space inside the refrigerator i. e. the cubic space of the refrigerator is also an important factor to take note. If you store large pizza boxes or wedding cake boxes then it is way better to a refrigerator with additional cubic space inside. The amount of shelves, bottle storage space and the vegetable storage area also need to be considered.

Pertaining to a couple an immediate cool refrigerator is a good option if they do not store whole lot of food. If they are of socializing character then it would be better to get a frost free refrigerator which stores besides making quick ice and also offers increased space for cooling. A family of four should suffice with a sizable capacity frost free refrigerator or a twin door could also be considered. As a result good research and knowledge about your requirements, budget and the brand you choose are important factors while buying a refrigerator. Post sales service also play an important role. A warrantee of two years is available with any brand and it is a good idea to increase it to save you from future dilemmas.

Strength saving capacity of the refrigerator must also be considered into account if you don’t want your electricity bills shooting up. Videocon Refrigerators have been set up as pioneers in energy saving refrigerators and are very well renowned for it.

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